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Early beginnings - PD Hollywood

Established in 1991, PD Hollywood started out as a hardware material shop dealing in hammers, nails, sand, cement etc. Sensing a huge opportunity in the future of cement as a precast concrete commodity, Mr. Johnson the founder and president director of the company decided to fully venture into the concrete blocks business in 1994 then naming its brand to Hollywood Concrete Blocks or fondly known now as Hollywood Conblock

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With its head office located at Cilegon in Banten province, the main production facility initially produced from a single hydraulic machine. PD Hollywood managed to secure various small and medium sized projects in and around its surrounding areas. One of the biggest projects ever supplied in the early years was to the development of the Port of Merak. Managed by Kajima Joint Operation, PD Hollywood secured 10,000m2 of high quality concrete pavers in the year 1996. This has substantiated its growth and propelled PD Hollywood into the concrete blocks arena, becoming a force to be reckoned with.

In the following year PD Hollywood purchased a brand new German made hydraulic machine known as the HESS machine. Equipped with then the latest and most advanced machine, PD Hollywood weathered and survived the financial crisis that subsequently hit Indonesia. Mr. Johnson applied unorthodox financial decisions to stay afloat in a volatile and risky economic situation.

Mr. Johnson is helped by his youngest son, Mr. Reagan in the finance department. In production, Mr. Johnson's eldest son Mr. Jevi Andradi is in charge.

PT Universal Concrete Block

With the ever increasing demand of concrete blocks and precast products, Mr. Johnson's eldest son, Mr. Jevi Andradi set up a partnering production facility in Bojonegara in 2010, with the inception of PT Universal Concrete Block. The Bojonegara facility is located not far from the PD Hollywood site and it is currently equipped with the 3 of the most advanced concrete block machinery. Concrete Pavers, Bataco and even Kansteen are produced by these advanced block making machinery. The machines are equipped with German technology and it is an integrated structure of vibrating and moulding platforms that can produce better quality concrete pavers. The heavy duty machine is designed to perform in extreme conditions in our tropical weather. In an 8 hour cycle, we are capable of producing 1500m2 to 2000 m2 of concrete pavers per day.

Therefore, PT Universal has since then become a verystrategic and important partner in supporting the overwhelming demands of PD Hollywood. Both companies have been helping each other in terms of production and delivery and have become an inseparable entity.

Lag time of production and delivery is considerably reduced. More and more of our consumers, contractors and developers are able to complete their projects within the stipulated time. Communication between our consumers and is the key to a successful project implementation.

We strive to be professional in management of both companies as we hope to achieve better customer satisfaction and increase market competitivenes.

PT Universal Super Blocks

Since 2015 PT Universal Concrete Block has been rebranded becoming PT Universal Super Blocks and has obtained accreditation from ISO 9001:2008. Now, more production facilities and machines has been acquired to produce reinforced concrete pipes and box culverts as well as u-ditch. The area of production in Bojonegara has also been expanded from 2.5 Hectares to 5.5 Hectares to accommodate and fulfil the demands of the ever-increasing precast concrete industry.